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Teal We Die was created in 2018 by fans Noah and Meagan.  While the brand may be new, you may have seen our shirts before.  Teal We Die is the offspring of Funk Fashion. 

We've been selling Jags fan gear since 2011.  "Keepin It Teal Since 1995" was our first hit back in 2012 and even led to us getting a friendly letter from the NFL.  Instead of loading up our Funk Fashion site with Jags fan gear, we decided to create an outlet solely for it.  

Everything sold on this site is created and produced in Jacksonville.  All screen printing and laser engraving is done within our shop.  Every shirt sold is printed, handled, and shipped by fellow fans.

Us last season at the AFC Championship in Foxborough.Us last season at the AFC Championship in Foxborough.

All sales lead directly to our "season ticket recoup fund" and the "help us get to away games fund".

Check us out before/during/after any home game in front of the Toontown building - corner of Duval and Talleyrand.

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to say hi or DDUUUUVVVVAAALLLL at the games!

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